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An Open Letter to My Novel (+Why You Should Write Your Own)

Your novel is a complex, emotional thing. You can't fight it forever. If you're having issues, writing a letter to it that expresses your frustrations, admits your faults, and finds an appropriate solution to move forward may be just the thing to get your back on track. It worked for me. Read my letter and why it's important to treat your novel like you're in a relationship with it. 

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Writing Workout Winter 2016: Update #5—That's a Wrap!

This workout has been a challenge and a joy for me. Overall, it accomplished what I needed it to - getting me back into a writing routine. This challenge wasn't really about the word counts or page counts or types of stories I was reading, but truly about falling back into a habit so I can get to the writing life I desire. And in that regard, IT WORKED. 

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The Frankenstein Technique: How to Use Juxtaposition + Causality to Discover Deep Themes

When your story is falling flat and you're wondering if you should abandon it, DON'T! Learn how to use The Frankenstein Technique (juxtaposition, causality, and subtext) to bring deeper themes to your story and reinvigorate it with new life. 

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