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3 Quick Ways to Fall In Love With Writing Today

You love writing, but how often do you show it? Often, we just get so busy, and then you and your writing life hit a rough patch. But you can turn that around and strengthen your love simply by choosing to invest the time. You're the only one that can strengthen your relationship with writing. It starts by taking small, consistent actions each day. Here's three ways you can get started right now, today. These aren't new ideas you've never heard before. But they are tested and true ideas that work. It's up to you to choose to love writing. Will you do it? 

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3 Big Things You MUST Know About Your Characters

You've probably seen a million bajillion character questionnaires. Most of the time they ask you about basic physical facts: birthdays, height, favorite colors. But these aren't the details that create an interesting, authentic, believable character that will stick with readers. These details won't allow your readers to be intimate with your characters. Learn the REAL questions you should be asking your characters. Get to the heart, the core, the DNA of their self in order to bring them to life. By going through your character's psyche, influences, and behavior, we'll discover who your character really is. It’s time to get character planning, my friend!

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An Open Letter to My Novel (+Why You Should Write Your Own)

Your novel is a complex, emotional thing. You can't fight it forever. If you're having issues, writing a letter to it that expresses your frustrations, admits your faults, and finds an appropriate solution to move forward may be just the thing to get your back on track. It worked for me. Read my letter and why it's important to treat your novel like you're in a relationship with it. 

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