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How to Command the Muse to Come On Your Time (3 Steps to Discipline Your Writing Life)

Do you have trouble making real progress with your writing life? Do you have big writing dreams, but struggle to make them come true? Do you have good intentions to write, but suck at putting them into practice? Do you finally get all the stars aligned, sit down to write, and stare at the blank page uninspired? You need a healthy dose of discipline. The only way to actually get the writing done is by doing the writing; but making it a habitual practice will make it easier to write every time, you'll write more often, and you'll train your muse to show up with you. Learn the 3 steps to discipline your writing life and command the muse to show up on your time.

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What I Learned from Studying Writing in Greece (+5 Things You Need for Magical Literary Productivity)

The most productive time of my writing life was spent on a rural island in Greece called Thassos. It was literary magic. But when I returned home, my writing suffered. I needed to find a way to recreate the amazing writing productivity in my own backyard. I thought I needed the island, but I really needed a structured freedom to write, a life inspiring enough to write about, time to let my brain be free, good books to study, and a community to guide and inspire me. These are the necessary ingredients to a productive writing life. And these are what YOU need if you want to make a productive writing life for yourself.

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