I'm a literary fiction writer hard at work on telling stories that matter to me, keeping a writing practice that works with the rest of my life, and making a career out of words. I teach and coach writers how to do that too.

My writing explores love, relationships, and what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Inspired by humans being humans, I find the mystical in the mundane. I write to capture my reality authentically, to discover what it means to be simultaneously woman, and writer, and me. I write to comfort, to challenge, to create conversation, to change the world.

I have a Bachelor’s in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from Allegheny College, where I won the Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer Award. In the past I’ve self-published a how-to guide on writing and publishing, received awards for my short stories, taught creative writing workshops, managed literary magazines, and given away 140+ free books in one single night to spread the joy of literature.

I believe stories deserve to be told. I believe stories are made of authenticity and hard work, and infused with your own unique Writer's DNA. I believe you can be a happy and productive writer.



Currently, I’m working on a variety of short stories as well as some longer projects. Here’s what I’m writing right now:

  • The Dreamers: a multi-perspective novel following six servers in a restaurant as they pursue wild dreams.

  • Ghosts: a novel about ghosts and other things left behind when we lose those we love.


I make resources to help writers conquer their writing lives and master their craft, because I believe you deserve to be a happy and productive writer. Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • The Plan Your Novel Workbook: This workbook takes you through step-by-step how to commit to a novel idea that will sustain your sanity and 80,000+ words, craft character-driven plots, create an outline that provides structure and flexibility, and prepare for a major writing marathon. 

  • The Writer’s DNA: When you know yourself and free your writing from the chains of "should," you write the stories only you can write. Discover yourself and your unique Writer's DNA in this online class.

  • The WriteLife Planner: Balancing writing and the rest of your life can be tough. This planner can help. In 3 short months, you learn to conquer your writing goals, strengthen your writing practice, and start to live a writing life you love.