Writing Workout Update #5: That's a Wrap!

This is the end of the winter workout! We did it! Woohoo! 

This workout has been a challenge and a joy for me. Overall, it accomplished what I needed it to - getting me back into a writing routine. This challenge wasn't really about the word counts or page counts or types of stories I was reading, but truly about falling back into a habit so I can get to the writing life I desire. And in that regard, IT WORKED. 

As a side effect of this workout, it also helped me define where I really need to be going and what I really need to be focusing on. I discovered that I really wanted to learn more about plot as a technique (so you can expect some plot articles coming up on the blog soon!). I discovered that I want to write my novel (Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016 here I come!). And I discovered that at this point in my life, weekly goals with buffers are MUCH more attainable for me rather than daily word count goals. I didn't expect these things when I created this challenge, but I'm glad they happened. 

On that note, here's the final list of what I did this week:

What I Read:

  • How Writers Write Fiction Week #7 Revision
  • Burroway on Revision
  • Ferrente
  • Tea Obreht "Retrieval
  • Ron Carlson "Keith"

Prompts I Followed:

  • Re-vision one of your stories you wrote during this 5-week workout. Try one of the techniques to make it better - juxtapose new elements in, rewrite it from scratch, figure out your "why" for this story and fall in love with it again. Find a literary magazine submission period that you think this story would be a good fit for, and make a goal to finish this story and submit it! Remember, you don't write in a vaccuum - send your darlings out into the world!
  • Write a story that includes a fish. Whether this is fish for dinner, or a fishing trip, or a fish on the wall, or some other kind of fish is up to you. But the fish MUST make an appearance. 

happy writing!

How did this workout treat ya? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? How have your writing goals changed? What are you doing next? Let me know in the comments!