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The Real+Good Writing Blog is now accepting guest posts! Please make sure to follow these guidelines before you submit your proposal: 

  • Content must be aligned with helping literary fiction writers succeed. This covers a wide range of topics – editing, revising, craft techniques, plot analysis, writer's lifestyle, publishing, writer's mindset, among many other topics. If you think it makes sense for the Real+Good Writing blog – submit your proposal! Topics devoted to literary fiction and literary fiction writers are preferred, but not required. Topics exclusive to genre, nonfiction, or freelance writing that do not translate back to literary fiction are not accepted. There are many other outlets where these topics are best. 
  • Articles must be high-quality and packed with helpful information. Make sure you read the blog before you submit to get a feel for the in-depth style. A Real+Good blog post isn't a quick skim-read, but a detailed and useful piece designed to help literary fiction writers succeed. In addition to usefulness, each post must be a minimum of 1000 words. Do not fluff the post up; just be thorough and let the post dictate its own length. Make sure any links in the post to external sources are relevant and valid. Irrelevant or non-working links are prohibited and will be removed. 
  • The author should include a short bio and any relevant and prominent ways to reach them on the web. The author should also include a photograph of themselves. 
  • To submit a guest post proposal, include (at least) the topic, a brief outline of major points, and a link to your website. If this proposal is accepted, submit the post in its entirety. At this point, the post may be (1) accepted as-is, (2) enter the revision stage, or (3) be rejected. This blog reserves the right to reject any post/proposal at any time for any reason.
  • The post may be edited and formatted. Revisions may be suggested. These changes will require a collaboration by both Rachel and the author. The post will only be published once an agreement has been reached. 
  • Once the post is published, the Real+Good Writing Blog retains exclusive rights. The post may not be duplicated in its entirety without prior written consent of Rachel. Of course, the author will be credited and backlinks to the author's website or social media will be included. The author is encouraged to reference the published post on their own site or in their own blog posts, but full duplication is prohibited. This ensures content is fresh and unique to each site, and SEO performs optimally. 

Questions? Confused? Just ask. I don't bite.