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Rachel Giesel
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Hi, I'm Rachel: Writer, Teacher, Literary Human.

I'm a literary fiction writer hard at work on telling stories that matter to me, keeping a writing practice that works with the rest of my life, and making a career out of words. I teach and coach writers how to do that too.

My writing explores love, relationships, human existence, and what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Inspired by humans being humans, I find magic in the everyday. I write to capture my reality authentically, to discover what it means to be simultaneously woman, and writer, and me. I write to comfort, to challenge, to create conversation.  I hope to use words to change the world.

I have a Bachelor’s in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from Allegheny College, where I won the Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer Award. I'm a writing education addict, having studied writing in Greece, on the internet through the University of Iowa's online course, and anywhere else I can find quality lessons. In the past I’ve self-published a how-to guide on writing and publishing, received awards for my short stories, taught creative writing workshops, managed literary magazines, and given away 140+ free books in one single night to spread the joy of literature.

I believe stories deserve to be told. I believe stories are made of authenticity and hard work, and infused with your own unique Writer's DNA. I believe you can be a happy and productive writer.

I'm on a mission to be a Real+Good Writer and I want to take you with me. Learn more about me right here!


Writer // Teacher // Literary Human

Fun Facts:

+I'm currently working on a novel and a short short story collection

+I have a cute gray cat named Oscar

+I love the Oxford Comma (you'll never change my mind!)

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