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3 Quick Ways to Fall In Love With Writing Today

You love writing, but how often do you show it? Often, we just get so busy, and then you and your writing life hit a rough patch. But you can turn that around and strengthen your love simply by choosing to invest the time. You're the only one that can strengthen your relationship with writing. It starts by taking small, consistent actions each day. Here's three ways you can get started right now, today. These aren't new ideas you've never heard before. But they are tested and true ideas that work. It's up to you to choose to love writing. Will you do it? 

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What I Learned from Studying Writing in Greece (+5 Things You Need for Magical Literary Productivity)

The most productive time of my writing life was spent on a rural island in Greece called Thassos. It was literary magic. But when I returned home, my writing suffered. I needed to find a way to recreate the amazing writing productivity in my own backyard. I thought I needed the island, but I really needed a structured freedom to write, a life inspiring enough to write about, time to let my brain be free, good books to study, and a community to guide and inspire me. These are the necessary ingredients to a productive writing life. And these are what YOU need if you want to make a productive writing life for yourself.

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8 Steps to Mentally Prepare to Write Your Novel

Let's assume for now that you've already got that hard stuff figured out. This isn't about planning the intricacies of your novel. This isn't a craft lecture. Rather, this is figuring out how to get your mind in the right place so that when it comes down to doing it, YOU ACTUALLY DO IT. This is about mental preparation to set your goals and achieve them in the time period you allowed. Learn how to get your mind ready so that when you're ready to write, you write.

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