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How to Discover Your Writing Voice in 5 Simple Steps

Your voice is necessary and important, and it deserves to be heard. But what if you don't know your voice? What if you don't know how you should say what you're trying to say? What if you're not sure if you even have a voice at all? I'm with you, my friend. Learn how to discover your unique writing voice in 5 simple steps so you can write the stories that sound like you.

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3 Big Things You MUST Know About Your Characters

You've probably seen a million bajillion character questionnaires. Most of the time they ask you about basic physical facts: birthdays, height, favorite colors. But these aren't the details that create an interesting, authentic, believable character that will stick with readers. These details won't allow your readers to be intimate with your characters. Learn the REAL questions you should be asking your characters. Get to the heart, the core, the DNA of their self in order to bring them to life. By going through your character's psyche, influences, and behavior, we'll discover who your character really is. It’s time to get character planning, my friend!

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5 Ways to Find Your Character's Authentic Voice (+What George Saunders Can Teach You About Voice)

George Saunders is a freaking genius writer, which is why he's one of my FAVORITE masters. What he does especially well is creating realistic, believable, authentic voices for his characters. Let's look at some Saunders stories in action to see what he's doing well, and then explore 5 techniques that you can get started with TODAY to make your characters speak authentically too. 

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