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5 Ways to Find Your Character's Authentic Voice (+What George Saunders Can Teach You About Voice)

George Saunders is a freaking genius writer, which is why he's one of my FAVORITE masters. What he does especially well is creating realistic, believable, authentic voices for his characters. Let's look at some Saunders stories in action to see what he's doing well, and then explore 5 techniques that you can get started with TODAY to make your characters speak authentically too. 

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How Write About Big Themes Without Being Too Sentimental or Cliche

We write “about” the world. We write to document the human experience: the beauty, the chaos, the pain, the sentiment. We want to write something real. But how do we evoke it without falling into cliche? Poet Joy Katz shows us how to defeat that pesky cloud of "aboutness" when it comes to big themes once and for all. Here’s how she got me to think about common, but big themes in a whole new way.

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The #1 Tip That FREED Me as a Writer: The Writer's DNA

If you want to get to Real+Good Writing, you first have to know who you are, what you're writing, and why you're writing it. Learn how thinking about the Writer's DNA opened doors for my writing to be what I really wanted it to be. Plus, discover your own Writer's DNA with a FREE 12-Day course!

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