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Why Your Voice Matters NOW + 6 Steps to Use Your Voice as a Literary Citizen

Your voice matters. Your voice mattered yesterday. Your voice matters today. And your voice matters tomorrow. Your voice is important. It deserves to be heard. Your stories deserve to be told. You and this whole writing thing are necessary. Especially in a world full of controversial political conversations. Especially in a divided country. Especially when others are spouting out hate. We're getting a little political, but it's necessary in order for you to share your unique and beautiful truths with your unique and beautiful voice. 

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How to Have Your BEST Writing Year Yet!

Its’s time to live your BEST writing life! Whether you’re celebrating the New Year or knee-deep into June, you can ALWAYS take the time to set some strong intentions for the amazing writing life you deserve. I am determined to help you make this your best writing year yet and I've got 17 tips to help you plan your writing year, transform your writing dreams into your reality, and become the writer you were always meant to be. Are you ready?!

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5 Ways to Stick with Your Novel When You Feel Like Giving Up

You started your novel with Motivation! Excitement! Power! And now you're feeling... anything besides that. You believed in this project at one point, and you don't want to quit on it now, but you've got to find a way to reignite your passion. Here's 5 quick tips that will get you refocused on your novel, recommitted to it, and ready to write, so you can make your writing dreams a reality.

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