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2017 Reflection

2017 is nearly finished. This has been a year of trials and errors, heartbreak and growth, change and curiosity. It has been full of good times and shitty ones. 2017 hasn't been the perfect year in the history of years–writing-wise, life-wise, or politically. But it was a year, and it deserves some attention and reflection so we can enter 2018 consciously, intentionally, and powerfully. Here's what's happened in my literary world this year, what lessons I learned, and how you can apply these to your own writing life.

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How to Have Your BEST Writing Year Yet!

Its’s time to live your BEST writing life! Whether you’re celebrating the New Year or knee-deep into June, you can ALWAYS take the time to set some strong intentions for the amazing writing life you deserve. I am determined to help you make this your best writing year yet and I've got 17 tips to help you plan your writing year, transform your writing dreams into your reality, and become the writer you were always meant to be. Are you ready?!

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