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Immigration Writes

Because of policies in government, children are being separated from families at the border as they seek a new life in America. Today, June 30, is the official day of action for Families Belong Together, a movement to end family separation and detention and reunite loved ones. Talking about politics is hard. Thinking about the broken lives, the cries of these children, the unknown outcomes of these families is even harder. However, as a writer, it's important to stand up for what I believe in and use the power words (the skill I know) to use my voice for good. This post contains resources for action, education, and writing to empower you to use your own voice for good on the issue of immigration.

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Why Your Voice Matters NOW + 6 Steps to Use Your Voice as a Literary Citizen

Your voice matters. Your voice mattered yesterday. Your voice matters today. And your voice matters tomorrow. Your voice is important. It deserves to be heard. Your stories deserve to be told. You and this whole writing thing are necessary. Especially in a world full of controversial political conversations. Especially in a divided country. Especially when others are spouting out hate. We're getting a little political, but it's necessary in order for you to share your unique and beautiful truths with your unique and beautiful voice. 

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