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True Life: I've Been Rejected

Do you fear failure? Do you hate being rejected? Has rejection derailed your writing life before? In sixth grade, it paralyzed my writing life so bad that I quit writing for nearly four years. But rejection is a normal part of the writing process, and it's never going away. In fact, it's probably going to happen to you a lot (do you know really how hard it is to get published? I've got stats that will scare you). Learn all about my traumatizing experience with rejection, how I solved it, and what you can do when (not if) it happens to you!

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How to Approach Your Novel: Thinking about YOUR Process for Big Things

With so many resources out there telling you how to write your novel and how to write at all, it's easy to feel like you HAVE to do things a certain way. But the only person who knows what's best for you is you. So what SHOULD you do? Step #1: Figure out what you know about how you approach big things. I tried considering what I do in two separate case-studies of "big things" I've tackled in the past, and it illuminated a process that I didn't know I had. Here's what I learned, how you can figure out your own process, and apply it to your current work-in-progress. 

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The #1 Tip That FREED Me as a Writer: The Writer's DNA

If you want to get to Real+Good Writing, you first have to know who you are, what you're writing, and why you're writing it. Learn how thinking about the Writer's DNA opened doors for my writing to be what I really wanted it to be. Plus, discover your own Writer's DNA with a FREE 12-Day course!

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