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Women Writers Have it Harder: Do You Know What You're Up Against?

Did you know that men get published more than women? They also win more awards and get more reviews. Did you know that women's literature gets categorized differently than men's? This is a problem. Now, I'm not going on a feminist rant, don't worry. But there are some facts you should know, and you should know how to deal with being a "female writer" in today's publishing world.

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6 Ways to Quit Pressuring Your Writing to Succeed

Do you feel the pressure to publish something NOW? To be validated as a writer? To have "accomplished" something? Don't let the "NOW" pressure your writing, or else you'll get overwhelmed, you'll paralyze your process, and your writing will suck. Learn how to retrain your thinking, fight back those insecurities, and feel confident with your writing. 

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