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3 Reasons Why You Should Write In Other Genres

Our job as writers is not to churn out novel after novel or short story after short story, but to tell each story as it wants to be told, whether it's the form we think we know or something new entirely. You should always be seeking to tell your stories in the way they deserve to be told, strengthening your writing skills, and exploring new worlds and forms you haven't considered before. This is how you become the writer you want to be. Denying your muse the opportunity to play with other genres is just going to make inspiration disappear. And if you force your story to be something it's not, it's not going to turn out well. Let’s dive into 3 reasons why you should be playing with a variety of genres (and some helpful links for how to do it!).

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The Relationship Between Truth and Fiction: Does it Matter if You Write Autobiographical Fiction?

Was your story inspired by real events, real people, real life? This can often make your story seem authentic, but how much "you" is too much "you" in your story? Where do you draw the line? Fiction and truth are not mutually exclusive. Learn how they can work together to make your story truly shine.

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