The WriteLife Planner

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The 3-month guide:

+conquer your writing goals

+strengthen your writing practice

+and live a writing life you love

You want to be a writer. You dream of a writing life full of creativity, balance, and a whole lot of words. You'd get a lot more writing done, if only you weren't busy, or tired, and if your brain wasn't such a jerk to you. You're sick of feeling guilty for not writing, sick of getting distracted by all the writing things you have to do, and sick of doubting whether you're a writer at all.

If only you could remove the distractions, quit procrastinating, and focus on your story.

The WriteLife Planner is your three-month guide to infusing writer, and human, and you all together into one lovely writing life. And, you'll accomplish one big writing goal while you do it. Through guided planning, daily writing tasks, weekend challenges, and consistent check-ins, you'll conquer your writing goal, strengthen your writing practice, and live a writing life you love. 

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conquer YOUR wip

It's time to make serious progress on your writing dreams, but you can only do it if you narrow your focus to one writing project, respect your reality, set goals that work, and commit to your own process that allows you to get the writing done on your time. With The WriteLife Planner as your guide, you make plans to conquer your next big writing project in the way that works for you, so you can write with confidence these next three months, knowing that you're infusing writing with your life, not writing against it. 

Write the first draft of your next novel, revise your messy manuscript, focus on getting published, or just plan yourself intentional time to get back into a writing routine. Whatever your writing goals are right now, The WriteLife Planner helps you set yourself up to achieve them.

Strengthen your writing practice

You'll never get the writing done if you don't have a process that works for you and your life. That's why The WriteLife Planner helps you discover your best writing practice and challenges you to make serious progress with your writing.

You create a writing life that works for you through experimentation and intentional action. Experiment with your writing process and record your story journey after each writing session to discover your BEST writing routine over time. Alternate between pushing yourself hard and restoring your creative energy with 7 different weekend challenges you choose depending on your life and story needs. Make serious progress on your writing goal in the ways that work for you.

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Being a writer is about more than just putting words on the page – you have to engage with your writing life by reading, connecting with the literary world, and showing your writing life some love. The WriteLife Planner challenges you to 30 minute writing tasks every day that encourage you to show your writing the love it deserves.

Baby-steps and small-wins help you build momentum in your writing life and encourage your brain to keep going. You'll make steady progress towards your writing goal and build a writing life full of courage and passion in the process.

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Additional Features:

  • Inspiring + simple design
  • Undated monthly (3) and weekly calendar pages (12) to start your WriteLife journey anytime
  • Weekly vertical layout to live and write unconstrained by time
  • High-quality 60# paper for your favorite pen
  • Matte paperback binding to flex, fold, and dog-ear your planner on-the-go


Plus, as a bonus, get FREE supplemental resources (like worksheets, articles, and guides) to take your WriteLife Planning and productivity even deeper! 

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You CAN live a balanced writing life full of creativity, consistency, and courage. You CAN be a happy and productive writer. You CAN be a writer, and have a life. The WriteLife Planner is your three-month guide to get there.

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