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know yourself + free your writing from the chains of should

Price: free



rekindle your love for writing + plan your writing dreams into your reality

Price: $99 (or 2 payments of $49/month)



cement your writing habit, command the muse, + get the writing done

Price: $99 (or 2 payments of $49/month)

Learn more about mastering discipline.

The Writer's Fuds

(FUDs = fears, uncertainties, + doubts)


conquer writer's block when you defeat perfectionism, self-doubt, + fear of rejection

Price: $99 (or 2 payments of $49/month)


"I've signed up for many workshops over my writing lifetime, but none of them inspired me like The Write Brain Formula. The Write Brain Formula will make you look at your writing life in a whole new way. The videos break things down into easy to digest concepts, and the worksheets help you to understand yourself as a writer and discover your best writing life. Your writing life will thank you for signing up for this course!" – Kaitlyn Filler

"Rachel is all about real, good writing. She discusses real issues that writers face (hello, woman writers!) along with the nitty-gritty of practically finishing your work. Plus her posts are LONG. Everytime I sit down to one, I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store, getting ready to devour a long-awaited treat." – Alexis Truitt,

"Writing is such a personal activity, and Rachel really understands how to work with your personality to bring out your best writing. It’s like therapy for writers!" – Haley Pettit,

"I say it week after week, but I am seriously in love with everything Rachel Giesel writes. She consistently challenges me to be a better writer, to seek intentional growth, and to fall head-over-heels in love with my writing life. There's truly nothing better!" – Kristen Kieffer, She'

"Rachel has great content, yes, but what I really find is that she also gives you her completely devoted time and attention, which is invaluable and not something many courses can give. Anytime I’ve talked to her, it’s been a thoughtful and in-depth conversation where we really dig deep trying to understand each other and how to help each other. Immediately she’ll become this supportive figure you’ve always been looking for, cheering you on and making you feel like you can do anything. And if that “anything” is finally finishing your novel, well, I can’t think of anyone better to cheer you on!" – E.M. Welsh,



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