Writing Workout Winter 2016: Update #3

This week has been the hardest of them all. This is when you're probably feeling the habit fight back at you, and you want to resort to your old ways. DON'T DO SUCH A THING! It's tough, but you've got to power through it. I definitely felt my writing muscles aching this week, and so I went a little easier on myself. I didn't give up though. Still working away, over here! Only 2 more weeks to go!

What I Read:

  • More Elena Ferrente (getting close to the end!)
  • How Writers Write Fiction Weeks #3 & #4
  • Burroway on Plot
  • Lamott Section 3
  • Pia Z. Ehrhardt: "Following the Notes"
  • Mona Awad "If That's All There Is" 

What Prompts I Followed:

  • Frankenstein 2 different stories together into one big one. Use juxtaposition and causality to merge the stories together and make them inextricably linked. It will (most likely) help you find a deep subtext and make your story come to life! I LOVE THIS TECHNIQUE! (I actually talk about how to use it here!)
  • Write a letter to your writing. Try not to think of your writing as work, but as a relationship. Tell it what's working, what isn't, where you would like some changes to happen. Address your writing as if it was a person that you need to confront. Remember why you're writing in the first place, why you fell in love with it. You just might surprise yourself of how freeing it is to notice these things, and how much you needed this to open yourself up and continue to write (I know I did!). I PROMISE you will thank yourself. 

Happy Writing!

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