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How to Become a Happy + Productive Writer (1 Simple Formula)

I used to be a Procrastiwriter; you know, a writer who wants to write, but has a lot of trouble actually getting words onto the page. I've had some real low writing slumps throughout my life. But then I got sick of them. I wanted to become a happy AND productive writer, and so I set out on a quest to discover just how to do it. And I emerged successful. Now, I've distilled my super secret, life-transforming process into a simple formula so you can become a happy + productive writer too.

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How to Command the Muse to Come On Your Time (3 Steps to Discipline Your Writing Life)

Do you have trouble making real progress with your writing life? Do you have big writing dreams, but struggle to make them come true? Do you have good intentions to write, but suck at putting them into practice? Do you finally get all the stars aligned, sit down to write, and stare at the blank page uninspired? You need a healthy dose of discipline. The only way to actually get the writing done is by doing the writing; but making it a habitual practice will make it easier to write every time, you'll write more often, and you'll train your muse to show up with you. Learn the 3 steps to discipline your writing life and command the muse to show up on your time.

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Why Do You Write? Discovering the BFF of Your Writing Motivation + Perseverance

If you're ready to take writing seriously, you have to know what you're doing; and, more importantly, you have to know why you're doing it. Your why will be there to give you energy to start, it will comfort you and keep you going when you slog through the middle, and it will pull you up and dust you off when you crash. Your why is basically your BFF as a writer. Have you ever stopped to consider why you write? There's a history of writer's exploring their reasons and motifs. Learn all about it and discover your own why in this post! (+ There's a FREE pretty printable for you!)

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