Affiliate Policy

Through as well as my online courses, worksheets, workbooks, emails, and other information associated with the Real+Good Writing brand is to provide valuable resources for writers. This may include information on online classes, books, software, conferences, and other products or services that I believe to be valuable for my writers to know about. 

While I enjoy releasing as much free information as I can, this is a never-ending labor of love that requires a lot of time, energy, and research. Therefore, sometimes I have agreements with companies who pay me via affiliate programs which allow me to keep the website up and running.

I promise, I only promote products I personally use or can recommend without hesitation. I do not and will not accept the majority of requests for paid marketing. I only vouch for things I absolutely trust and believe in wholeheartedly. This brand is built on authenticity and value. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service in return for a commission. When you purchase a product or service through one of my links, I may earn a small part of the sale. This will never be an extra cost to you and it will never be for a different price than if you found the same product on a different website.

Throughout this site and in emails you may see references to my use of affiliate links. These are called disclosures and are a requirement as by federal law. They are there to inform you when I have a relationship with a particular product or service and that I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase that product or service. Most of the time, this is through Amazon Affiliates (because I just love books so darn much).

Why should I use your affiliate links?

You absolutely do not have to use the affiliate links AT ALL. There is never any requirement to using them. However, when you do purchase a product through these links, you support the overhead costs (time, energy, and money) to run Real+Good Writing. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for that.


Last Updated: May 27, 2018.