I believe in writing.

1 | Stories deserve to be told. Your story deserves to be told.

We've been telling stories for thousands of years because they inspire us, entertain us, and teach us about ourselves. Humans need stories. And we need to hear your words in your voice.


Your story is a strike of genius inspiration and a dose of self-magic, but it means nothing if you can't get it onto the page. Writing can be taught, as long as you write with heart and get it done. 

3 | To be a writer, you have to know how to write + who you are.

You can know everything there is to know about craft, but your stories will suck if you don't infuse them with you. Who you are as a human influences who you are as a writer, and you have to know both to write the stories you want to write.

4 | You can be a happy + productive writer.

Even if you don't write full-time yet, even if you have a day-job, even if you don't think you're really a writer (whatever that means), you can still create a meaningful writing life. You deserve a writing life you love full of creativity, consistency, and courage.

5 | Real+Good Stories have authenticity and excellence.

Anyone can write a plot and throw in some characters, but the stories that matter to readers have necessary truths to share with the world. Real+Good Stories are vulnerable, transparent. They fuse craft and heart to speak with passion and purpose.

I help writers.

I help writers like you become Real+Good Writers, so you can write authentic, passionate stories, share your necessary truths with the world, and enjoy doing it.

because stories deserve to be told + I want to help you tell them.

+ I help writers strengthen their craft + drafts. We sharpen your skills so you can write novels and short stories that speak to readers and change the world. We demystify the "how did they do that" from process to craft. Because you can write Real+Good Stories.

+ I help writers find their write mind. We conquer your writer's brain so you love your writing, get the stories onto the page, and cultivate a writing life full of passion, wonder, and joy. Because you can live a Real+Good Writing Life.

+ I help writers become authorpreneurs. We treat writing as our career so you can connect with readers who love your words. We work hard on the business of writing: publishing, marketing, branding, and money. Because you can be a Real+Good Write-Boss. 

write Real+Good Stories, live a Real+Good Writing Life, + be a rEAL+goOD Write-Boss.

I help writers become the writers they want to be: writing stories they love, finishing them, sending them out into the world to be read. I help writers every step of the way.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I'm a literary fiction writer hard at work on telling stories that matter to me, keeping a writing practice that works with the rest of my life, and making a career out of words. I teach and coach writers how to do that too.

I could tell you how I've always been a storyteller: how I fell in love with reading at three years old, how I've been writing fiction from the moment I could hold a pen, and how I've cultivated a lifelong dedication to the craft.

But I'm sure you already guessed all that. 


+B.A. English with creative writing emphasis

+Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer Award Winner

+Self-published 1st book for writers in 2011

My writing explores love, relationships, human existence, and what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Inspired by humans being humans, I find magic in the everyday. I write to capture my reality authentically, to discover what it means to be simultaneously woman, and writer, and me. I write to comfort, to challenge, to create conversation.  I hope to use words to change the world.

Fun Facts: 

+I'm working on a novel and a short story collection.

+I have an adorable gray cat, Oscar.

+I love the Oxford comma (you'll never change my mind!).  

I have a Bachelor’s in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from Allegheny College, where I won the Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer Award. I'm a writing education addict, having studied writing in Greece, on the internet through the University of Iowa's online course, and anywhere else I can find quality lessons. In the past I’ve self-published a how-to guide on writing and publishing, received awards for my short stories, taught creative writing workshops, managed literary magazines, and given away 140+ free books in one single night to spread the joy of literature.

I’ve been blogging inconsistently since 2011 under the Writing Wonder brand, the predecessor to this site. So whether I’m reading, writing, or sharing this passion with others, my superhero character is always “Writing Wonder Woman.”

Let's be friends!

The difference between someone who wants to write and someone who is a writer is getting it done with both passion and hard work. I've learned this the hard way.

I've had amazing moments in my writing life (like finishing my first novel during NaNoWriMo, holding a physical book in my hands with my name on the cover, and receiving the Ione Sandberg Shriver Award for Fiction). I've also had not-so-amazing moments (like not being able to write because my own brain told me I wasn't good enough, getting rejected from literary magazines and programs, and not having a sustainable writing habit). 

The writer's life can be hard. And lonely. And discouraging. I get it. I'm on this never-ending quest to be a Real+Good Writer, just like you. And I feel the same fears, struggle with the same failures, and strive for the same successes. 

But I want to make this journey better. That's why I teach and coach writing. That's why we're here.

How We Do It:

the Blog

I know you're serious about this writing thing, and so I write in-depth articles with actionable tips and strategies on everything writing. Read about your craft + drafts, finding your write mind, and building your write-business. Also, stay up to date with my own personal writing journey!

the Resources

Become the writer you deserve to be with the resource library of exclusive content. I give you actionable workbooks and worksheets, comprehensive guides, and in-depth courses to deepen your writing practice. Grab your favorite drink and dive into learning with these resources!

the school

Take your story studies to the next level with premium content and hands-on help. I teach online courses and work with writers to be the best they can be. Through special events and traditional workshops, I help you transform your writing life into one full of productivity and happiness.

made with love, just for you. Always.